apparmor create a new profile 
aa-genprof can not connect to internet, therefore i do it manually

#include <tunables/global>
/usr/sbin/program flags=(complain) {
#include <abstractions/base>

start program and use it

aa-logprof -f /var/log/syslog -m "STARTSCAN-TIMESTAMP FROM SYSLOG"

Answer the questions and save it.

if no audit logs occur remove "flags=(complain)"

reload a rule: apparmor_parser -r usr.bin.program

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format a partition with check for badblocks 
badblocks -swvo <output_file> /dev/PARTITION
mkfs.vfat -l <output_file> /dev/PARTITION

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Upgrade to Hardy Kubuntu 
* enable port tcp 80 forwarding on your firewall

because adept_manager connects directly to

* kdesu "adept_manager --dist-upgrade-devel"

if you use a proxy like approx stop adept_manager after changing /etc/apt/sources.lists and rewrite to

deb http://proxy:9999/ubuntu/ hardy-security universe main multiverse restricted
deb http://proxy:9999/ubuntu/ hardy-updates universe main multiverse restricted
deb http://proxy:9999/ubuntu/ hardy main universe multiverse restricted

and start it again.

after upgrade done add
deb http://proxy:9999/medibuntu hardy free non-free

to /etc/apt/sources.lists

on my proxy /etc/approx/approx.conf:

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isdn dialin syncppp 
apt-get install isdnutils-base

because ippp0 sets a default route we change to ippp1:

mv /etc/isdn/device.ippp0 /etc/isdn/device.ippp1
mv /etc/isdn/ipppd.ippp0 /etc/isdn/ipppd.ippp1

/etc/isdn/device.ippp1 (remove '# REMOVE'):
isdnctrl ihup ${device} on
isdnctrl secure ${device} off

/etc/isdn/ipppd.ippp1 (remove '# REMOVE'):
name YYYYY

# client server secret IP addresses

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Desktopsharing with vnc 
sudo apt-get install vnc4-common vnc4

sudo vncpasswd /etc/vncpasswd

Section "Module"
Load "vnc"

Section "Screen"
Option "PasswordFile" "/etc/vncpasswd"

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