extract an android apk package file and decompile it 
Download APK-Multi-Tool-Linux

Extract AndroidManifest.xml, assets, res Folder and smali (disassembly from Java virtual machine) from an apk
$ cd APK-Multi-Tool-Linux
$ java -jar other/apktool.jar d pace-apk-here-for-modding/ANDROID.apk out

Extract jar from apk with dex2jar to get an .jar file
$ d2j-dex2jar.sh ANDROID.apk

Now you can have a look at the java files with jdgui (found a description at reverse-engineer-an-android-app-apk)

or decompile the class files with jad (found a description at stackoverflow)
./jad -o -r -sjava -dDESTDIR path/to/*/.class

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extract .img files from samsung images 
Download Android-Kitchen

Download an image and extract it to ~/image.

compile sim2img
$ cd Android-Kitchen
$ scripts/compile_simg2img
extract ext4 image
$ tools/samsung_files/simg2img_files/simg2img ~/image/cache.img ext4_cache.img
loopmount ext4 image
$ mkdir cache
$ sudo mount -o loop,ro,noexec,noload ext4_cache.img cache

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Download apk from playstore with a google chrome extension 
apk-downloader is a google chrome extension to easily download apk files from google play store.

start chrome with
#> chromium-browser --ignore-certificate-errors --allow-running-insecure-content

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Galaxy S3 flash with VD2 taken cache.img and hidden.img from ATO 
According to samsung udate the Galaxy S3 firmware with the highest Changelist at the moment is csc (salescode) VD2 919627 build date 01.02.2013 (Germany Vodafone branded) and my csc image is ATO (Austria unbranded) 566833 build date 10.12.2012 (got this by OTA).

To have the newest firmware but with ATO csc i devided to take cache.img and hidden.img from ATO and boot.img, modem.bin, recovery.img, sboot.bin, system.img and tz.img from VD2.

First I downloaded VD2 and ATO, extracted the X.tar.md5 files, discarded ".md5" from the filenames, untared the ".img" files and compressed a new VD2 archive with cache.img and hidden.img from ATO.

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ssh to android /system/bin/pm SEGV 
pm segfaults if LD_LIBRARY_PATH is missing like on login with ssh
$ su -c "/system/bin/pm"
[1] Segmentation fault pm
$ su -c "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/vendor/lib:/system/lib pm"

if pm is not found like this
$ /system/bin/pm list packages
sh: /system/bin/pm: not found
you can do
/system/bin/sh -c "/system/bin/pm list packages"
or prepend /system/bin/pm with

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